We are a Family-Owned, Latinx Business in Chula Vista

Established in 2017 by Elvis Atencio, Chula Vista Pharmacy is a locally-owned and family-run Latinx business. We take pride in offering the best care to our beloved city in both Spanish and English. 

As a local business, we strive to create interpersonal relationships with our customers and ensure that we can provide personalized services to all. 

If your copay is too expensive, we will always work with our customers to find a cheaper alternative or coupons in order to lower the cost. Regardless of your financial status, your health comes first at the Chula Vista Pharmacy!


Why Choose Us?

Personalized Consultations

Our wonderful pharmacists will always give you one-on-one attention and care to ensure your experience is unique.

Bilingual Services

All of our employees are fully bilingual in Spanish and English. You'll be heard and cared for in the language of your choice! 

Safe Deliveries to your Home

Our delivery team will always ensure your products and medicines arrive to your home safely and quickly.