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Chula Vista Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy located in the heart of Chula Vista.  We are committed to providing outstanding service to all our customers. Our staff is fully bi-lingual and will take time to answer any questions you may have about your prescription needs. We understand that prescription medications can be costly, therefore we offer competitive pricing for quality products. It will be a honor for us to help you with your healthcare needs.


Dispensing Prescription Medicines
Repeat Dispensing Service
Public Health Promotion
Signposting to other healthcare professional
Support for self-care
Clinical Governance
Supply of Appliances
Disposal of expired or unwanted medicines
We Put Your Health First

We Put Your Health First

Discover our wide array of services, including vaccinations, immunizations, FREE local prescription delivery and automatic refills.

Fill Your Prescriptions

Fill Your Prescriptions

Avoid the big chain pharmacies. Have your new prescriptions filled by a local, family-owned pharmacy.

Let Us Help

Let Us Help

Contact the professionals at Chula Vista Pharmacy for a FREE consultation. We are here to serve your needs.

Featured Specials

Apercreme Lidocaine Patch

For long lasting pain relief

Tylenol Extra Strength

The most trust analgesic

Client's Testimonials

“I just switched over to this pharmacy after years of struggling with Walmart pharmacies. Right of the bat, the pharmacist have been nothing but helpful and kind. Elvis was amazing and helped me get my medication right away. The customer service goes above and beyond. I’m excited to work with him and his staff and I’m extremely grateful for their assistance!”

– Diana –

“Probably the best pharmacy near me. They mail the medication to my home for free or also deliver for free (however, someone has to be at your home to sign). The staff is always friendly, and it is the only pharmacy that I know help providers to do the tedious TARS. Other pharmacies do not even bother to do them and if you a busy doctor, it will take forever for your medical, medicare-D to approve the medication. I sincerely recommend you to try Chula Vista Pharmacy.”

– LT –

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